Amphisbaena E​.​P.

by Amphisbaena

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"From beyond the stars, another chapter in the legacy of Canadian chaos metal is being written. Mere hints and murmurs of a hideous beast in gestation have sent waves through the underground already. Few are truly prepared for the utter terror and possession AMPHISBAENA will soon unleash with their Iron Bonehead MLP demo debut. Comprised of stalwarts from the maniacal Canadian scene (responsible for such haunted filth as Rites of thy Degringolade, Antediluvian, and Weapon), a dual-headed serpent arises to push the boundaries and challenge all preconceptions. In this united front, limitations are shed in favour of an open palette of metal’s various extremes: black/death from the furthest depths of the inspired subconscious. A distant echo from the edge of the universe that serves as the only warning of what is to come!

In the fallout after From the Devil’s Tomb era Weapon, mastermind guitarists N.K.L.H. (Antediluvian, Rites of thy Degringolade, ex-Weapon) and the mysterious |LI|B|EL| united with legendary drummer/vocalist P. Kressman (Rites of thy Degringolade, Sacramentary Abolishment, ex-Weapon) to craft a more destructive, technical, and demented sound. Wielding 8-string weapons, the phantom brothers evoke precision and insectile riffage meant for the otherworldly, while the cruel rasp of Kressman is met with the inhuman swarm of H.T. (Antediluvian, Revenge) on auxiliary vocals. At once familiar and disorienting, Amphisbaena manifest twisting complexity in a violent collision with blasting execution. Volley after volley of pummeling astral death spirals from the void only to fall back into formless expanse again. The results of Canadian pitch-black lunacy attacked with a grandiose technical death metal sensibility. Statements like these serve as evidence of a maturation from the maniacally blood-thirsty state to that of ascended masters of formulated fear.

Expect nothing and everything, for a divergent path of celestial awakening is emerging. The stark image of AMPHISBAENA will burn into the collective unconscious of man."



released December 16, 2015

N.K.L.H. - guitars, bass, vocals
|LI|B|EL| - guitars
Paulus - drums, vocals, bass
H.T. - vocals

Recorded and mixed by N.K.L.H. at La Chambre Bleue
Mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus -
Mastered for vinyl by V.K.
Cover Illustration By R.X. -




all rights reserved



It has a twin head, that is one at its tail-end as well, as though it were not enough for poison to be poured out of one mouth.

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Track Name: G.O.A.G.
To serpents’ paradise
a gateway revealed;
approach the trembling throne

The lightless palace illumined, radiating;
through the veil of utter liberty

G - O - A - G

Beneath forgotten stone
the serpents coil & swarm

The primordial essence revealed
from torn caul writhes a black tide

G - O - A - G

Heralding aeonic dawn...
Track Name: Chthonic Macrophagi
the screams follow

A gap in periphery
a hidden arch
dendritic split-jawed orifice

Passing the barrier
echoes forgotten
dissipation into oak
a canopy shuts worlds in

notch and slither
from immeasurable blackness

Suffocating opaque
coils the nerves
monumental realization
of impending realities

Sliding sense
stumbling horror
a path now damned

Petrified ancient weight
bearing down
completely outnumbered

Behemothic despair
joints will cease
a crawl
laboured breath a memory

letting go...

As vision fades
to eyes of coal
and maw of flame
Track Name: Invocation of Pitch
Bound into opacity
aeonic compression
Smouldering remains
of ancient forms


Trace of tyrant's passage
reduced to earthly poison
Liquid clay in leaden veins
antimonic throb

Out of boiling blackness
radiating from clenched fists
Purify the sulfuric blood
unchain the giver of fire


Suffering! Smouldering!
Suffering! Smouldering!
Suffering! Smouldering!

Tectonic refraction
scoriac deluge
In maddened gravity
Bah’lal rises
Track Name: The Devouring Will
On the first pillar carved
In the bodies of a million lashed
From the mouth of the furnace decreed


Crawling from the dust and clotted stain
to unite and divide, elect and cull

Carving through the broken earth
molding the clay
into forms more worthy

Buried beneath the perfection
of your fervour
The reverberation of shattering bone
under weight of tumbling spires


“I spew thee out
in churning storms of ash
I expel thee from my belly,
the fire of paradise”

Nothing can stand beside your will
there is no meaning beyond
Paint the land
into an image pre-ordained

Strokes of horror
Splashes of hell
It is a holy art!

When one is etched
or a multitude blotted
you will fall to your knees in ecstasy
Are they not one and the same?
Without emptiness beyond measure
there can be no composition


Hollow barren lungs
heaving forth their word upon the dead sand
Convulsing, bile soaks through the cracks
Layers upon layers
of wretched apostatical death


Never wavering
Never faltering
Reaching the heights of the inhumane

All heads turned
All bodies bowed
Grasping at your given right

Screaming into this world
Becoming divine